To complete an assignment in the assignment bank, you go to the web page, there’s a list of assignments that you can complete to meet the requirements that your teacher has provided for you. You can go in and choose which assignment you want to do and add up the stars, then attach it to … More Mashup/Remixes

Lab 7 subnetting

Objective: Create a working, usable, network by applying subnetting skills learned in class. Successfully apply a subnet mask to the networking address and with this, assign IP addresses to eight different computers. Equipment List: Three routers, three switches, UTP with RJ-45 connectors, and eight computers. Procedure: The first step in this lab was to create … More Lab 7 subnetting

Digital Photography- week 5 In Jim Richardsons’ work, the ones that I liked the most were the farmers. It showed how hard working they are. To me, it showed what they are most proud of and what makes them who they are. Please watch this video, it emphasizes my point in this post. In the video editing and … More Digital Photography- week 5

Lab 2 Network Cables

Objective: The objective for this lab was to make our own patch cables or to install a new connector onto an existing cable. Equipment: For this project we used wire cutters, a crimp tool, cable strippers, the CAT5 UTP, and 2 RJ-5 connectors. Notes and Observations: I personally had a problem with getting the RJ-5 connector … More Lab 2 Network Cables