The documentary that I watched was called “Superheros” by Michael Barnett. It’s about these costumed crusaders that go across the country, chasing evildoers. The leader, Zimmer, is a leader of the New York Initiative, which are a team of crime busters conducting late-night “bait patrols” on Brooklyn Streets. Mr.Extreme is a San Diego security guard who camps out in his van. Wearing a helmet, a cape, and goggles. The Master Legend of Orlando, Fla, an older man in the group. Thanatos, a 62-yead-old in Vancover, British Columbia, wearing a black hat, a fearsome green countenance and jeans. They may parade in odd atire, but they are very very serious about their mission, and Mr. Barnett appropriately renders them without condscension. In this, it’s not all about physical combat, Zetaman and Apocalypse Meow, a married couple in Portland, Ore., dispense necessities to the homeless. Zimmer assists a hit-and-run victim, while Dark Guardian accosts drug dealers in Washington Square Park in New York.


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