Lab 7 subnetting


Create a working, usable, network by applying subnetting skills learned in class. Successfully apply a subnet mask to the networking address and with this, assign IP addresses to eight different computers.

Equipment List:

Three routers, three switches, UTP with RJ-45 connectors, and eight computers.


The first step in this lab was to create a network address. The network address used was, which is a class A network. Next, subnetting mask needed to be obtained. This was done using the equation 2^n ≥ 8, in this case, n must equal 3. With this information, we know that we will need to use three bits from the subnetting mask. The three bits we use are 128, 64, and 32, all of these added together equal 224. With this, we know that our subnetting mask will be Next we figured out the subnet addresses, knowing we needed five. The five we chose were 32, 64, 96, 128, and 160. An example of one of the subnet addresses would look like this, Using the five unique subnet addresses, gateway and IP addresses could be assigned. An example of this on the subnet of would be a router IP address of, host IP address as and the gateway address would be the same as the router IP address. This was applied to the whole network, giving each router a unique IP address, and every computer a unique host IP address.




This lab helped making subnetting much easier. Working it out from the ground up really cleared a lot of questions. Also, trouble shooting various problems along the way made me really think through the process of setting up a network, which was also beneficial. It was a fun way to learn how to subnet working with routers and switches.


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