Week 3- Find your Superpower-Digital Literacy


The first assignment on the website that I did was the one with the tattoo. This tattoo that I want to get was drawn for my late uncle. He had always loved crosses and the ribbon represents the connection to him between the planes. With it he is always connected to me and I to him.


My superhero: My mother, she’s the strongest person that I know. From being a teacher to a mother to a wife, my mother is always going. From being a football mom to my support system she stretches herself thin but always manages to snap back. Being my support system even though she can’t always be here for me, I know she’s always a phone call away and will help me to the best of her ability. Even just talking to me while I’m working on assignments while being there for my brother.


Summary of the week: https://twitter.com/KatSlech/status/907382490054225920

The assignments that I accomplished in my post were enjoyable because I got to use the creative side of my abilities and writing. I went online to twitter and found a couple of people that I can relate to in the course and with the #ds106 tag. One girl in particular I can relate with because not all the time I can manage to keep up. I really enjoyed seeing the others posts that the students make.


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