Week 2- Creativity and copyright- Digital Literacy

1.  The first one I read was the controversial topic of Katy Perry at the Super Bowl show with the dancing shark. The “trademark” on the dancing shark isn’t what I would concern myself with in all honesty because even before Katy Perry did the show, the shark was a popular icon already and so she doesn’t really have a reason to try to sue or send that letter. She really didn’t have a reason to since it was popular before she did the show. So in my opinion, this topic is a waste of breath and a waste of news.

The second article that I chose was the Superhero topic, and in my opinion, Marvel and DC have no right in what they’re doing. His comics and his superheros have a right to exist just like theirs do. I feel that he shouldn’t back down because he has his own right in creating comics and superheros just like they do. He isn’t taking their story lines nor their characters. They don’t own the right to the term “superhero” and people have been creating superheros for years. He may lose, since both companies have been making money for years, But I hope that he keeps fighting and doesn’t give in.

2. The one that I chose was the first one because it had connected with me on a personal level. I hadn’t always been such a quite person. I had been an out going child until I was bullied and I lost my voice. I was afraid to speak out and be myself in fear of more bullying. Then when it came to my Junior year, I stopped caring what others thought and I had become myself again. I re-found my voice and I couldn’t have been happier with myself. I still had a ways to go, and to this day, I’m still not done finding my voice but I’ve found more of it again. Finding your voice is crucial in finding yourself and happiness, but don’t rush it. Find it at your own pace.

3 & 4. To see my creative activity and my other posts, go look at my twitter @KatSlech.

5. This week I had been on Twitter a bit and saw that there are tons of us out there and I had chatted with a few and commented on others. I learned that celebrities are still making headlines, even though a lot of the topics aren’t worth any breath wasted.


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